Numerology Compatibility


Are you interested in finding out how your relationships will work out? Do you want to know if you and your partner are made for each other? Well answers to all these questions and many more can be found in Numerology. Numerology concepts can help you find the potential in a relationship and confirm you on the prospective compatibility ration between you and your partner based on numbers.  It is not just good relationships that you will gain but you can also ensure that your existing relationships do not suffer.

Numerology Compatibility

Why numerology for compatibility?

Relationships these days do not last longer for they are often plagued with emotional arguments, disagreements, fights that cause the couples to drift apart. Most of the times this is due to the lack of communication from both sides. But if you delve deeper you will find that the desires and the personality traits of the couples did not match in between. For everyone, there is a need for someone in their life, who can understand them, support them and someone who will not have conflicting interest with them. This is where numbers help you to find your partner.

Numbers and compatibility

The most important numbers which are used to find the compatibility ratio are the life path numbers and the expression numbers (also known as destiny numbers).  Many numerologists do not just compare these numbers between partners but they also factor in several other things while computing the compatibility ratio. However the life path and the expression numbers are of high importance in any kind of numerological compatibility calculation.

Life path number and its significance

The life path number is a clear indication of your personality traits, your nature and your personality. This is why the comparison of the life path numbers of two people can easily confirm how compatible their personalities are. When you are trying to find a person compatible with you, you need someone who can manage with your personality traits and have traits that will be adjustable to you. Hence the life path number forms an integral part of any compatibility calculation in numerology.

Expression number and its significance

This is the number derived from your birth name and it shows how you express yourself to others. Given that you will be spending majority of your life expressing your feelings to your partner, we need to take into account whether they are receptive of your way of emoting. This number also speaks about the direction you should take in your life and how you should strive for it. Combining it with the other person’s objectives requires both of you to have the same direction or a compatible direction. Most of the times people who have the same numbers will have a better compatibility as they will have similar desires, similar objectives.

Of course, there is no absolute solution to all life’s problems in Numerology. But they do guide you down the right path to find happiness. Some numbers may work well together, some may not.

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