Numerology chart


The concept of numerology is deriving relationships between living and non living things and the numbers encapsulating the occurrence of certain events. The date of birth and name are the most commonly used factors in determining the numbers governing one’s future and the same is also used for calculating the numerology chart. The chart is then further used for deriving results about the relationships, personality and for predicting the future of the person. Of course, there is no scientific background to it. And yet the insights are stunningly accurate for many.

What is numerology chart made of?

The obvious answer is of course numbers. A numerology chart is composed of six numbers, three of which is derived from the name of the person and the remaining three is taken from the date of birth. These 6 numbers are referred to as the core numbers. There are also other numbers involved in the study like the karmic numbers, hidden passion numbers, challenge numbers, pinnacle numbers, etc.

Different numbers in Numerology chart

As explained above, the numerology is a study of numbers and these numbers are generally derived from the date of birth and the name of the person.

Based on the calculations, these numbers provide a different outcome each time and each of the calculating method dictates on what kind of number that is. Given below are some of the numbers one will come across in a numerology chart and how they are arrived at.

  1. Life path number: This is derived by adding the date, month and year on which you were born and it generally talks about your personality.
  2. Gift number: The number is derived from purely the date and it speaks about the talents you have.
  3. Attitude number: this will be the addition of the month and day of your birth and it speaks about your general outward personality.
  4. Expression number: This is derived from the name of the person. Every alphabet in English is given a number. You just have to assign the number for the letters in your name and add them to arrive at the expression number. This number speaks on how you express yourself.
  5. Soul urge number: This will be the addition of the numbers assigned to the vowels in your name. This reveals what your innermost desire is or what you yearn much for.
  6. Personality number: In contrast to the soul urge number, this will be the addition of numbers from the consonants in your name and is again on how you present yourself to others.

It is to be noted that you use only the name in your birth certificate when checking with numerologists, irrespective of the errors they have. You cannot use the unofficial name or a nick name to calculate these numbers as the result may not be accurate. It is believed, that even if you change your name in the interim the name that was given to you at birth has a significant role to play in your numerology chart.

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