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Numerology, in simple words is the study of numbers in relation to the happenings in our lives.  It is about deriving the relation between the events, finding our strengths and weaknesses, identifying potential opportunities and talents, getting the right exposure and finally setting the right path to happiness and contentment. by Mike Madigan Reviews

There are many websites that promise to give you a full insight into your life with the help of the number derived from your name, your date of birth, etc. While there might be a few that can purely bluff, we cannot ignore them all.  is one of the leading online web portal offering digital books to provide you with the required knowledge about your life. The books offered through this website equip you with better knowledge on your life, your career, your health and your future.

The website provides several books and reports to help you take better advantage of this art. There is also a team comprising of well established leading numerologists to assist you in your quest for knowledge about your life.

Products offered

There are plenty of products offered including your own customized profile report. Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Complete Numerology report: This is a 100 page report which is fully about you, your future and your personality. It speaks about your nature, your talent even the hidden ones, and a prediction on the future. Additionally it also has around 44 customized calculations done basis your date of birth and your name and how your day will be for the next 9 years.
  • Customized Personality Profile: This report is completely about your personality, the traits that work in your favor and which doesn’t. It also speaks about potential mates which you should look forward to. The personality traits, that makes you, the real you is completely explained in detail in this report. Additionally, it will help you to establish the right path that will maximize the potential in you and improve the outcomes in future.
  • Life & Success Snapshot: Wondering on when your career will kick off or to get your own home? You just have to get your snapshot on how success is working out for you in your life. The report which is based on patterns and sequences in your numerology chart will tell you the opportunities that you have to tap into, the gifts that will help you to realize your goals and help you achieve your career objectives quite easily.
  • Complete one year forecast: If you want to know where you will be standing in a year’s time, you should be looking for this forecast. This tool will help you identify not just the best course but will also point out the challenges you will face and how to deal with them. The predictions are given month by month so you can keep a better track of events.
  • The Phone Phenomenon report: This report will help you to learn analyzing the personality of yourself and anyone you meet or talk to based on their cell phone numbers. It need not be the cell phone number always but can be any phone number related to them.

This is not the exhaustive list of products. There is plenty more like one minute relationship forecast, reading the palm of others, personality Exposer, dream interpreter, Aura analyzer and so on.

What we saw until now is a simple preview on what you will get at Let us now delve deeper into the benefits and drawback with the website in detail.

Benefits of

There are quite a few benefits that work in favor of the website. Some of the key benefits include,

  • In-depth reports: Almost every report that you get from this website runs beyond 50 pages providing you with all the information that can be gathered from your numerology chart. And in case you feel that there is anything missing, you can always opt for the forecast for one year and know what might happen in your life in the next year.
  • Accurate: There are quite a few clients who have come back and reviewed this site to have provided them with accurate reports. The site has been quite successful in redirecting them to the right path for happiness and content.
  • No hassle and customized: There is no waiting period to get your report. You get it at the earliest time and it will be customized in line with your details.
  • A motivational guide: Another key factor with numerology is that it helps to motivate you when you feel let down and lost. It shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and illuminates the path you need to take to reach there. It will help realize your weakness and overcome it with ease.
  • Free introductory Analysis: You can get yourself a free analysis or a free personalized reading based on the product you opt for. This will give you an idea on the kind of analysis the website does and you will know how it matches with your expectations.

The drawbacks of

Like every coin has two sides, there are a couple of drawbacks to as well.

  • Available only in digital: All the products in the website are sold only in the digital form and hence if you are having connection issues to the net or you don’t have one, then you would not be greatly fond of it.
  • Too extensive: Some might find the reports to be quite lengthy. But if you are looking for a one page report stating obvious and generic things, then this is not your cup of tea.

Given the number of benefits, and the kind of drawbacks that we see, it is definitely not an impossible obstacle to cross. All the reports from this website are detail and are professionally written by leading numerologists in the industry. Our view is that the website provides you with knowledge on how to keep yourself ready for the future and it definitely is not going to harm us.