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Numerology as the name suggests is about numbers. It is a very old scientific art which deals in deriving meaningful information from numbers. You can compare the happenings in your life to the climate around you. In the way climate is determined by the factors in your environment, your life is also determined by the surroundings and happenings in it. The date of birth, the place of birth and even the name given to you have a long lasting impression on the future of your life.

Your birth name matters!

Have you seen people whose name pronounces the same but written differently have a completely different life and personality? For instance a person named Mathew and Matthew (with an extra t) might have a completely different personality and life. This is owing to the numbers derived from the name given to you. Your name and date of birth, either alone or in combination can give meanings to your career, life and your future.

The way the numbers are derived varies for finding each of the different outcomes. For instance, to know about one’s personality you will need to derive the life path number and for finding how they express, you need to know their expression number. The former is a calculation of total of your birth date while the latter is derived from your name.

Finding your partner with numerology

Numerology does not just end with finding your future but it also helps you to find the person who is more compatible as your partner as well. The life path numbers and the expression numbers of people are matched along with other factors to see if their personalities and their future goals are compatible with each other and if they will be able to sustain a long term relationship.

What does a numerology report contain?

A numerology report will have a complete analysis of the various numbers derived from your name and date of birth and the influence they have on your personal life and career. It generally contains the following elements.

  1. A complete numerology chart for you
  2. Your birthday significance and how it impacts
  3. Your life path number and what it entails.
  4. What is your destiny number or expression number
  5. Soul urge number’s role in your life.
  6. Your hidden talents through your talent number.
  7. Knowing your personality with the personality number.
  8. The cycle of your challenge numbers
  9. The cycle of your pinnacle numbers.
  10. Your future – what it holds for you, a yearly forecast.

If you are still skeptical about numerology, you can check out the free numerology reports to know what life has in store for you and whether it is indeed true or not. Most of the online websites for numerology offers you a free introductory analysis or a free report on your personality or a free forecast report for a month.

A free numerology may not give you all of this but a portion of the full report so that you get a taste on what you can expect.

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